Am i oil....?

i dont know.i look fat


and no im not on here to attain attention
im pretty serious


You look pretty curvy to me, not fat.

Curves are polite! Strutt your stuff!

ADDED: I have broad shoulders too. But, unlike you, I own smaller boobs and a smaller butt. Straight up, I am not fat --- but sometimes, depending on what I wear, I've come to realize that because of my broad shoulders I tend to THINK that I look lubricant when really I'm told I look healthy and strong (I do work out and get through healthy). So... just thought I'd agree to you know that because that's how I feel at times and conceivably that's what's triggering you thinking that you're fat when you definately aren't!
no, flabby is when your 4 foot 5 and weigh 300 pounds.
no.... you're fine
no you look feminine, not fat..
what i expect is,... you have a body..which is a polite thing =)
No, of late because you have curves doesn't niggardly your fat. Some ethnic group should learn the difference between BEAUTIFUL CURVES and only being podginess.
nope, not at all. u hold a 26in waist. thats not fat
not at adjectives
I don't think you're fleshy at all. You own a normal body size. I have an idea that you look great :)
no seriously you ARE NOT fat! you are slim!
Are you kid me! I WISH I had a body similar to yours. If you feel flabby, you may really just be a bit in poor shape. Try some toning exercises just to firm everything up. But you undeniably are not fat.
you look great to me!!
No not curvy! You have broad shoulders, looks approaching you lift weights!
you're not podginess. you're just simply middle-of-the-road, it's a good entity.
you just look on form.
shut the **** up. u know if you're fat or not. it's not invisible.
You're not curvy. You've got a greatly nice figure.
No, I infer that you are average, there is no noticable or ample buldges of fat. Besides the average female's waist is 28 inches and females hold more body fat than males. But by your picture, you are an athletic build.
aww i come up with you look great! you are beautiful newly the way you are, and if anyone tell you that youre not, they're probably jealous!
You are emphatically not fat.

You are curvy.

But some individuals say you are curvy within the "fat" meaning. I don't indicate that. I mean it the other instrument around.

Your boobs help out profoundly even if you WERE fat. Which you aren't.
NO NO NO not excess weight !


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