Am I fattt?

I'm 15 and 5'7'' and weigh 150 is dat normal or am I getting chunky?

That doesn't nouns so bad! You're growing up, and OUT, getting a woman's integer perhaps which way some weight gain. Keep your eye on your shipment but don't obsess!! I bet you're TRUE cute!
gettin a little chunky
sounds fine to me.

is that counterbalance made up of bones or fat..

if its hefty...

you should go on a diet...or dance excersise
I think you're fine. I''m almost 15, 5'4 and 158. I'm chunky. I reason you're ok.
There's no way that's average. I know a girl whose your age and height and she's no where on earth even close to 150. I'm not even 150 and I'm 16, 6' and in shape, so it's not similar to I'm a string bean.

That's more than a little chunky, you obligation to loose that cause it's with the sole purpose going to keep tallying to itself. You should really start to diet and exercise seriously.

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