A sound out for exercise professionals...?

well,i am surrounded by pretty good shape & i love to exercise but im anxious i will get too "bulky"..im a juvenile girl i wouldnt want to have a bunch of manly muscles...i dont lift up weights but i do ab-crunches & aerobics...will this make me bulky?i want to be fit but in need bulky muslces...my shape is pretty small...but u know,will i get bulky if iexercise 2 much?

Unless your are on some type of anabolic supplements or own some crazy genetics, you will not gain big. Women DO NOT produce the testosterone needed for big muscles. You can lift weights, weighty even, and will not look masculine. I train a few feminine clients and they gain nice, shapely, toned muscle from lifting.
Crunches and aerobics do NOT build large muscles, anyway

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