20% body corpulent!! relieve!?

how should i lose weight?? I exercise on a daily basis, but i don't eat right, my mom think i need to GAIN immensity but i found out today that my body fat percentage is 20%!! She won't buy me anything plump free! What should i eat, that we probably hold at the house?? Please help. I already tried conversation to my mom, but she doesn't understand!

Women are supposed to be more or less 20-25% body fat. Where do you contemplate those beautiful curves come from ?

My wife is up at 35%, curvaceous, and get hit on all the time. She'd be relieved if she could get to 30%.

She should draw from some low fat things simply because it is healthier for your heart. At 20%, drink as much as you want as long as you don't lose weight.
20% body solid is not bad its majority, thats what mine is too..., i'm sure your fine but, if your really wanting to lose the body fat though don't drink as much fatty foods and keep doing the exercising
if you are not an athlete than 20% is consider low. if it verbs to get lower you might become anorexia subsequently on.

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