All bacon diet?

I thinking about an adjectives bacon diet. Any suggestions?

Mmmmmmm. What a tasty track to a slow, painful disappearance.

Consider adding chocolate cake to this contemporary dietary regimen. That way you'll hold both entree and dessert, and you'll cover more of the food groups in the process.
This is a really lousy plan.
If you love and appreciate your heart, next you really shouldn't do it.
I beat you to it. Works great. Keeps me fit and make my skin greasy so i slide everywhere i want to nude.
I don't think you should do that because bacon is really greasy.
not markedly healthy
Soy bacon, turkey bacon,ect dont forget those.
NO! its a obsession diet and too much fat contained by your diet could do serious damage to your condition? if you plan to lose weight for an event o for it, but as a long permanent status thing.. how long do u rele mull over you can go on ingestion jst bacon until you get bored of it? i endow with 3 days
You'll drop dead from adjectives the fat and sodium.
if you do desire to do this, ALWAYS pick bacon that does not have any nitrates or hormones within it because they are very fruitless for your body... not that bacon is great but i'm sure you'll lose weight and won't be hungry, i would opt for turkey bacon myself:) worthy lucK!

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