76kg, 163cm. 30 Mins Home Exercise, What can I do?

Need to lose weight & gain some muscles at the same time. No equipments at home, no way I can get them. Going to the gym will only leave me with 10-15minutes a day, so it is out of question. I will be running about 1600m a day already. What kind of home exercises I can do for about 30 minutes a day. Remember, I have nothing but my body. Can't get anything too.

There are a few basic guidelines to follow in order to minimize the risk of injury and get the most out of your home exercise workout.

• never perform the home exercise workout two days in a row

• start with 2 laps of the home exercise workout and build up to five

• never perform the home exercise workout if you are feeling any muscle soreness

• proper form is most important

• the last few reps of each set should feel difficult


Pushups 10 repetitions (full or modified-keep body straight from knees to shoulders)

Squats 25 repetitions (feet wider than shoulder width, toes pointing out)

Ab Crunch 25 reps with knees bent to 90 degrees followed by 25 with legs straight in air

Standing Straight Leg Raise 25 reps each side (lift leg out to the side)

Ab Crunch (same as above)

Stationary Lunges 15 reps each side (keep front knee directly over your toes)

Standing Calf Raise 25 reps each (keep legs straight & hips still)

Dips 15 reps (using a chair, hands next to hips)

Ab Crunch (same as above)

Stationary Wall Sit 1 min. (knees bent to 90 degrees)

Low Back Extensions (lie on stomach with arms and legs straight in superman position, lift both arms and legs about 6 inches off floor, pause, lower and repeat)

Regardless of how many laps you do of the home exercise workout, only perform 1 set of the low back extensions at the very end of your workout. This is to minimize the risk of back injury. For fit individuals this workout may seem a little less intense than their regular resistance workouts but remember that something is better than nothing. This home exercise workout will prevent significant loss of muscle strength and endurance while you are away from the gym. Others may find this home exercise workout to be quite a challenge. Start slow and don't give up on yourself. Keep trying and within a half-dozen workouts you will notice huge improvement.


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