2 question?

1. does the movie star diet really work?
2. does anyone like these lyrics?
the manufacture up on your pillow
A smear across your face
A tribute to your evening
Everyday's alike
Your looks can't save you immediately
The green in your eyes
Jealousy is contained by the future
It's a long crash from the top
The dress you wear is so sincere
Hold on to your pride
I've got a breaking story babe
You're just old-fashioned news
Go to it
Just stop
Take a clue
Cool rotten
Dance party massacre
Bang blast
Home town disaster
Bang bang

Obviously they work because they lose freight. But that's because they can hire an arsenal of trainers and nutritionists and cooks to tell them what to get through, how much, and how to exercise. Usually it's ridiculously hardcore and since you can't hire all those society it's really hard for the average party.
no and no.
its just lies. they obtain paid to sprawl. alot of money.

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