2 questions? How to stay determined.. and how to get rid of little bitty love handles that hang over jeans?

First I cant seem to stay determined about exercising after a week or 2 ill stop.. i mean then a week later im like omg i need to exercise.. when i first put on my jeans i have little bitty handles i just dont like it cuz when i wear a tight shirt u can tell.. there not 2 big.. but how can i get rid of them?? In the shortest amount of time how long do u think it will take??

But a pair of good, expensive jeans, in the size you want to be. Trust me, if you spend enough money on them, you'll be motivated to exercise so you'll fit into them...You wouldn't want to waste all taht money would you? Belive me. It works. Also, eat healthy, go for runs, and do side crunches.it works for your love handles. Hope this helps. Goodluck.

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