Am I fully surrounded by Ketosis?

My ketone test strip is really darkened. But my breath hasnt changed at all. Is in attendance a way to detail? I work out 6 days a week and drink around 70 oz of water a sunshine. I was 262 two weeks ago and i am in a minute 260. Im kinda bummed but someone said that i could be gaining muscle.

see a doctor
Your breath will smell really discouraging when you're in ketosis. You have need of to drink more water. The not detrimental amount is figured this style: Take your present body weight, divide that within half, & that's the amount of hose down in ounces you should be drinking day by day. The amount will lessen, as you lose more weight. Try walking day after day for an hour, increasing distance & speed one day at a time. You will really see a big difference in a month. Take water near you as you walk, so as to keep hold of yourself well hydrated. Keep up the moral work.

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