Am I a looser..?

Hey guys,
i think i am a looser big time. i enjoy no life, and i really dont know what to do. im a 21 year antediluvian female frm fjord area, i am overweight, and i guess thats making me deeply insecure, i have no adjectives, i say that cuz i really dont knw what i want contained by my future, resembling i went to colg and thn dropped out cuz i wasnt sure on wat most important to choose, i actually work right presently bt not satisfied wid it..
i dont enjoy a lot of frnds, no boyfrnd, i guss i dont want a guy anyways! its of late i have nought going on in life span...
i basically want to be major, and i knw ths sounds weird bt i own to loose a lotta weight to bcom important..
i guss i have some self esteem issues..
but when i am out i do hold an amazing personllity, no body ever figured out that i am so lonely on inside, so i do get myself right but i am just writing my definite thoughts here in hope of getting some physical advice...
appreciation a lot guys...

Hmm i c where on earth you coming from..!
I should say that nought is impossible in this world, you can be anything you want to be, and yes u can be distinguished also!
1. Hit the gym and start working your *** out.
2. Join some dance classes to hand by, like hip-hop perchance, dancing is abt devotion...and it'll inspire you towards life..! i salsa too and it helps me relax and reckon about vivacity clearly highly suggesting..start DANCING!
3. find some peace contained by spirtuality, do anything that is spirtual. close to yoga, and a lot of thngs out in attendance..
4. go posterior to college and get a level.
5. u never told us, in wat method u wanna bcom famous..? wat ever explicitly start working towards it..and blv it or it..u'll bcom famous soon!

just follow these simple six steps and you'r obedient to go!
need ya all the best!
No you're not a loser! not have a boyfreind doesn't make you a loser.
Ya step to the gym, eat stout, and try something new.
Get professional counselling to know how to deal & overcome your issues.Talk to your inherited doctor to put you on a supervised weight loss diet.Once you hold done these you
WILL enjoy enthusiasm MORE.
GOOD LUCK!!!!...
God Bless!!!...
Oh! Lot of info about you!! Have confidence and you CAN WIN the WORLD! You are after adjectives 21. You can change closely if you have contained by tension, will power and action. Join a new a to hand by aerobic class or start a jogging session or any exercise followed by dieting (not fasting). For more info I hold given you two sites that have perfect tips to start your program. Good luck.
I feel exactly close to you- but I'm a bit younger. To make race take you more seriously- don't use chatspeak. Don't use similar to, "u and i r like best fri3nds 4 eva!" or any of that. Maybe you could find meeting or something for helping people next to depression and meet friends within. Maybe you could go attain your haircut a few times by alike person and afterwards become their friend. The best friends are hair dressers. Maybe you could even run back to college to become a fleece dresser. I hear it is very rewarding and I am considering it for my adjectives career as powerfully. Good luck!

FIRST OFF, where is it written that you hold to lose weight to become well-known? Oprah isnt skinny and look at her. Ever heard the wise saying "life is what you kind of it"? Try doing something every day that make YOU smile. Remember, its the little things in enthusiasm that counts. Think about what make you feel joyful and then try to build a profession around that. Talk to your local school and thay can steer you on a art path.

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