Am i corpulent?????/?

im 5'4 15yrs and 118 lbs. my measurements are 32-26-37. am i fat? i quality fat. and i look butter. :[ i just want to knwo if im curvy.

No, you are not fat.

Your BMI is surrounded by the normal extent (on the low side...weight should be between 108-145ish for 5'4 person) and you are still growing so any "extra" you enjoy on you is for a purpose.

Your hips might be larger but that could be because you are still maturing or your genes specify wider hips (check out your mom, aunt, grandma and see what they look like).

But your waist is small and your waist to hip ratio is 0.7 and anything under 0.8 for a woman is usual.

If you are concerned about getting hold of weight, manufacture sure to work out and eat fine foods (check out or any calorie control website).

hope that helps
No- you are not butter!!
You're not fat!
no you are fine scrutinize the movie phat gril
ur fat
no u r skinny and not flab at all
you are super skinny what are discussion about

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