How bad are cream crackers? approaching the jacobs light ones, it say theres only 31 calories per biscuit but i am trying to loose solidity and dont want to be eating them if the reality they are carbs will not help...anyone suggest anything except water than is really fitting for you and helps near weight loss?

gratitude x

Please try not to worry too much almost what you are eating. Anything eat in moderation is okay for you. I would detestation for you to get upset roughly eating something that you savour as I know that you have suffered near an eating disorder previously.

Ryvitas are accurate.
it depends if u r on calories count, or low fat, as they still own fat within them, but if on low cal diet they r ideal depending on what u put on them, humous or salsa is lowest and improved. Good luck i am on 1 too.
as long as u burn it...any calorie is ok...but yes once in a while indulging surrounded by a cookie..lkike say 1 within 2 days wont hurt u so much!
and apart from water...include more vegies and fruits surrounded by place of carbs!!
Good luck!
stay off the biscuits, dear.

Keep pushing fresh fruits and veg, grain and beans, prepared as simply as possibile.
If you're carb-sensitive, skip the regular crackers. Crisp breads will work better, but you don't want to eat more than one or two at at time. It's not true that a calorie is a calorie and it doesn't matter--if you're dieting you want your food intake to be nutritionally dense and you want to stay away from foods that will put too much glucose into your body. Excess glucose get turned into body fat. (People used to believe it be dietary fat that did that, and copious still do, but this is incorrect. We don't use fat for fuel unless nearby are no carbohydrate foods--including fruits and veggies--available to us.) The commenter who said to stick with fruits and veggies for snacking be right on, and I would say put away more veggies than fruits to cut down on the sugar. When you do get fruit, put more stress on berries than on, say, apples or bananas. Hope this help.
For easier to manage snacks (less perishable) nuts and seed are a great start. Especially walnuts, raw, as they're full of tough stuff including omega3 fatty acids. They're filling and for society paying attention to what they get through who're (like me) often inclined to try to finish a big dinnertime even if only to be polite, it is a great concept to have a handful of coarse walnuts before said buffet. Handful in the time as a snack... Handful before a lunchtime... They have some chemical which help shut off the hunger surrounded by ones brain and they're filling, fail-safe pre-mail combination, perfect snack. You want them rare though because toasting kills seriously of the huge health benefits.

Then there's also, celery it's dutiful plain but depending on your diet there's usually good stuff to move about with it that's risk-free.

Hard boiled eggs and deviled eggs are great.

Cheese! There are plenty of high calcium, low butter, portable, tastey low carb cheeses to snack on. Plus it mixes well near other stuff and it is filling. You can even pilfer wads of cheeses and toss them on a cookie sheet, toss them within the oven and make cheese snacks. Get 'em brown! It's great and works resourcefully with adjectives kinds of cheese, look around for recipe! There's also been a rage increasing in popularity where on earth you can buy cheeses that're enhanced with further health benefits (like an infusion of the live germs that makes yogurt such a decent snack).

Roll some cheese and/or lunch meats into lettuce, or simply roll them up in each-other!

Lets see. Cheeses, veggies, pork rinds, wraps, mushrooms (maybe near a nice low-carb dip or cheese dip/spread in them? there's even some great ways to of late cook mushrooms - my buddies *love it* when I cook mushrooms... I never buy enough, they disappear) Garlic Parmesan Flax Seed Crackers. mmmmmm...

The catalogue goes on though and in that are plenty of web sites more or less low carb products, recipe sites with worthy recipes.

Nothing really beat shopping around and reading all the nutrition facts label though. :-)
nice with Stilton on..wash down with red wine

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