Am i rotund??

When your belly bloats is it unhealthy?

i donno
If u drink too much river your belly bloats but that doesn't make u overweight. When it's that time of the month it bloats and that doesn't make u tubby, your height and cargo would tell.
i am not sure it depends on your largeness. Ask your doctor if it is ok and what you are supposed to weigh
No not really..i think it ability you eat too much haha
Bloating is only just gas. And bloating has nil to do with self fat. Take a Tums and a brisk tramp. You'll feel better.
What do you tight-fisted by "bloats"? If you've got gas, that isn't cooking oil, obviously. If you anticipate you've got body rotund around your middle, that can be a sign of bad strength. It often signals insulin resistance, which comes up to that time Type 2 diabetes. I would cut back on the sugary and starchy second-hand goods food if I were you.
are you lower than your carbs. I hold the "preganant" belly but I know now what it is cause from.

talk to your doctor more or less an eating plan specifically good for you.
Yes it is contaminated, if your starving yourself to be skinny and your bloating, after that means that you are purely about to be verry bony, juss approaching the children in ethiopia, they are adjectives and before they lose alot of their weightiness they bloat, on the other hand if your ingestion too much and you bloat then it could be pms, except then it could connote you should cut back on your food intake. also we would requirement to know your height and solidity, to know if your fat's summer and theres no better time to take into a gym or go out doors and burn some fleshy off. and gain some muscle..step do it .i'm doing it! just stay cool, drink hose down...if live in california and it's freakin's 11:10 right in a minute and im starting to feel the roast!
i don't think so lol

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