Akai rice / non-white healthy rice?

you know those akai rice or those brand of rice that suppose to be good for you and make you stronger than regular white rice. well my mom is making eat them and they taste so horrible, i can't eat another bite of this stupid rice. and she's like you better learn to eat them or u'll grow up to be weak.

so here's my question, does akai rice/ other nutritious rice actually do anything? maybe it's false advertisement. and do you think it taste good. and if u have been eating them, do u notice any difference in health compare to when u ate white rice

Akai Rice, as a brand is absolutely ridiculous. Do not waste your money on it, because it is way too expensive.

That being said, ALL brown rice is much more nutritious than white rice. Its not even that brown rice is nutritious, its that white rice has absolutely ZERO nutritional value. Brown rice, because the hull and outer layers of the grain are still intact, contain vitamins B1, B3, iron, magnesium, good oil, good fatty acids, fiber.

You should still eat brown rice. It is good for you. Tell your mom that it doesn't matter what brand she buys! Akai is a waste of money and is a complete ripoff! Tell her to buy any brand of brown rice, it doesn't have to be Akai. The nutrients are all there.

I don't do this with my rice, but I know some people add a few tablespoons of plain yogurt WHILE COOKING the rice to give it the texture of white rice.

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