Abs quiz?

I no in substance lifting you have to loaf a day earlier lifting so that your muscles can grow. but if you want to work on your abs do you do it everyday or everyother day similar to wieght lifting?

When you work out any muscle group, you need to rest a year. This gives the muscles time to repair appropriately. Keep contained by mind that when you are working out your muscles they are actually self torn; they become larger as they repair themselves. It doesn't matter if it's your arms, legs or abs, other rest a day!! And drink lots of dampen as your body needs wet to repair. Good Luck!!
your abs are just similar to other muscles u work them out and then you rest and so forth. would u work out ur biscepts everyday by doing curls. obviously not, unless u want to loss muscle. another thing to maintain in mind is that if u use weights to train the abs u will enjoy a bigger midsection which is good for strength training, but not for looks. so do ab work outs near out weights for best results, looks wise.

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