Am i rotund? i'm 5'9" and 125lbs?

i admire you for person confident in yourself!
i really long to be similar to that. i am 17, and working on it!
Your freakin skinny
uh, no. not even close
no, you are in certainty underweight. have get to be kidding!
nope not at adjectives
no ur as fat as you get the impression
you are certainly not flabby and might need to look for lend a hand!!
Just a little underweight are you not? Certainly not overweight by any manner.
woahh no your not fat.

your seriously underweight and you obligation to ask your doctor if your underweight [im positive you are] becuase being that soaring, i would think you should at LEAST be 150..

you must be really skinny to be just 125 at 5'9
You are not fat. I calculated your body mass index using your stage and your weight. You get an 18.5, if you lose any more weight, you will be considered underweight.
Why do ethnic group keep asking this? If we adjectives say "no", you won't believe us. If we influence "yes", you'll go on some starvation diet. So, I'm not maxim.
don't be ridiculous. i'm 5'7" 130lbs and i want to put on more weight. i can't stand looking skinny - it isn't wholesome or normal looking.
You're a freakin' Amazon. Geez.

Be prepared to spend the rest of your vivacity playing first base or catching for a butch looking softball squad.

Just kidding, but don't fish for compliments, it's heartbreaking.
Uh NO!
U are sooo tall and soo skinny i imagine u should weigh betweem 130-135 but...125 is healthy
noooooooooooooo model.well depending how antiquated u r.
cutting it close to nicole ritchie . . . you enjoy issues if you have to ask that . . .
no your not podgy you have an disorder surrounded by which you think you large and your not anorexica or if you purge buliema these disorders make you chew over your fat when your not grasp help very soon
I am skinny.You are 2.
I am 5 '7 and I am 117.
No way, you're fail-safe!
hell no. unless you just dont appropriate care o yourself.
You are underweight. I'm 5'2" and I'm at a in good health BMI at 128 lbs.
eat a cheeseburger honey and procure a real probelm.

lol jk.. but no you're not at adjectives. you sound pretty hot to me.
no run to google and check your bmi (body mass index) jsut go to google and type "find my bmi" and dance to one of the sites it will prove your not fat
It sure doesn't appear like it. I'm 5'8" and weigh 125 as powerfully. And I'm defintely on the leaner side. You're just fine.
Well I am 5'10 300lbs..Am I butter??
are you crazy
hey youre tall
Fat?? just... your ideal weightiness is between 150 and 170 depending on your frame size...

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