Am i chubby?

a few months ago i started counciling for anorexia .it has help some but i still feel stout i weigh 65 lb .you may have see me on the health conduit.i know i look sick but i still feel oil.

The feeling is contained by your head and is not unadulterated. Stay in counselling until you no longer be aware of fat and own a good grasp of trueness. You want to feel beaming not inadequate next to yourself. I wish you the best.
If you are solitary 3 ft. tall, consequently yes you are obese.
wow, you are TOO skinny, gain some lbs if you don't want health problems surrounded by the future. see your doctor
No you stipulation help youre malady makes you judge you are fat when surrounded by fact you are too gaunt
You are not fat. Unless you are lower than 5 years old I can't see you person fat. Silly put somebody through the mill.
How tall are you?
wow, you enjoy issues!!

your not fat
wow **** r u toddler or something u need to carry some some weight wow wow thats a lil bit of pounds
it depends on how towering u are. if your 4 feet or above. ur course to skinny. it doesnt matter if u grain fat. ur not. look at the mirror standing subsequent to ur mom or dad. u'll see ur actually not stout at all.
OMG you are not lubricant...idk why you would think that!!!! I am 12 and weigh 100..and i discern fine! Stop being similar to one of thoose models!
lol i agree with pissed_limey
that adjectives depend how old you are.. i tight-fisted if your like 6 next youre a little grease... but i dont think you are lol// simply try to be happy beside yourself... if you are old satisfactory to be on yahoo.. which is 11.. i think.. after you are NOTTTTT me.. ;] im sure your divine
If you're 4'9, the thinnest you should be is 92. That's the lowest healthiest weight.
you wont grasp a guy until you gain 30 pounds. Its sicker seeing you in a bikini consequently sesing a girl who weighs 500 pounds surrounded by a bikini. Ugh. Your gross. lighten up on yourself. Eat a damn pizza.
no means of access no way no track... i i weigh 150 and i dont care i get through healthy and am lossing weightiness but everyone thinks they look solid i dont care who say they dont everyone thinks that specifically just commonplace. i really think u should put away more. i have a friend who is totally skinny like that and she think she is fat but truely she isnt and if ur to skinny ur not a buetiful but if u r a short time ago right and weigh past the 100 u should be so buetiful... trust me tht isnt portly at all.. i bet u are really pretty too. show confidence surrounded by urself
Please continue to procure help for your problem. You requirement to eat properly and swot that you a beautiful.
YOur purely trying to show off the certainty that your skinny, dude you must be like wut... 11 yrs. frail, Anorexin freak! ewww. thats nasty nobody like bones and no meat \=]
No you're not fat. Unless you're highly young close to 7 or under which i focus you arent lol. Maybe it's just you. Maybe you merely feel similar to you're fat but you really not. That happen to everybody. Don't worry though you're at a devout weight. I wuld die to be at that immensity. (:

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