5'4" and 156 pounds and i am 16 years aged?

Can somebody give me a weekly routine??
I want solidity lifting and running.
And can somebody please help me next to what i should eat i Am trying to be improved.
And i am really focused on my abs so if somebody can also give me a routine for that also that would be great.


Oh i dont drink cokes so thats not a promblem!!

wow. Im right within with you girl. That is practically my measurments as capably. Im sorry, i dont have anything to answer, but if someone could answer this fulfillingly, they'll be oblige two people out :)
Just so you know your abs muscles will never show unless you burn the stout that is covering them. So unless you loose that fleshy don't waste your time beside crunches.

You loose fat by doing cardio. Runing is virtuous. and incorporate weight training and you should be set!

I do an hour of cardio every other year. 30 min cardio and weight training every other daylight. As for eating, I completly cutt sour, soda, candy, fries, hamburgers, and all that second-hand goods. Most impotantly EAT!! Just watch what you chomp through. Make sure you have breakfast. I do 3 meal and 2 snacks a day . There are lots of websites out here for ideas on what to munch through and what excersises to do. www. womenshealthmag.com is the one that helped me the most.

By doing this, I lost 10 pounds surrounded by 3 months. and have kept it past its sell-by date by continuing this routine.

If you want me to be more thurough just permit me know.
Good luck.
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um beforehand i satart ne chick that lifts hott lol second of adjectives get an old/cheap put money on pack and put sweight in it(weight plate dumbell ne thing) next find a hill and in recent times run up it then hike down as a cool down, for abs sit on a decline bench and hold a weight on your chest and do sit ups, but right until that time your lower back hits the bench hold your self up its a assassin for abs, another ab workout, lay straight on a bench with ur legs limp out over the end, w/e your organized put your legs straight up in the atmosphere, then enjoy a friend push your feet to the ground and your employment is to keep your foot from touching the floor lol . . . . whooo i hope i didnt lose u there very well i hope i could help, sorry if u only just confused the hell out of u
CARDIO... nd lots of it... run with small weights..for your abs, crunches next to a small excersise ball or pilates or you can buy the ablounge. its resembling 100 dollars at walmart.

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