4"11 and a partly, 91.5 pounds?

I feel so ashamed for my consignment all the time, is this okay? Is my immensity average? I'm eating right most of the time and 45 minutes of day after day activities everyday. How am I doing?

Well that's wonderful! You are doing merely the thing to keep hold of you healthy! I'm guessing you are still at a infantile age? So just maintain it up but just don't walk over board and make sure your getting the vitamins we adjectives need.
Yes you are fine and i hope your not trying to loose more counterweight.That's a average weight and point.Good job doing endeavours and keeping fit...Keep up the good work
you weigh 92 pounds!! What r u worried give or take a few?!
your fine my sister is 4'11 and weighs in the region of 100 pounds. jusst stay healthy and you will be alright

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