Am i tubby?l?

I am 5 ft 3 inches and i am 11 years old (im towering for my age) and i weigh 127 i fat?

by no money you are at a very on top form weight. you may surface that way because you may be kindly that weight contained by different areas and it may not be evenly distributed, but you still have like mad more growing to do, so you have nought to worry going on for hun.
as a house.
No you are not fat. if you estimate you are you can see a doctor or try and lose a bit.
Wow, you are tall for your age!. For your elevation hon, you are NOT fat. I'm equal height and I weigh give or take a few the same. Don't ever permit anyone tell you that you're flabby.
No , but than again I am a 20 year old 5'8 womanly and I weigh 130 pounds and I still want to lose 10 pounds to get to my just the thing weight... but no your deff not FAT. and 5'3 is not high-ceilinged for your age.. y ou'll probably be around my height when your my age
no its lately that your really tall and that make u like that my friend jessica is exactlly close to u but she is going inyo 7th and is 5ft 5 inches
u seem to be within pretty good shape to me:-)
You are not margarine!
Please keep surrounded by mind that you are only 11, your body is right at a stage where on earth it is going through all kind of changes and nouns, and to diet and get adjectives stressed out about your consignment will only motive you emotional heart throbbing and could be dangerous to your form.
It is important for everybody, regardless of age or size to live an busy healthy lifestyle. Instead of concerning yourself near your weight, deem of your health. It is unproblematic to be active, adjectives you have to do is move. If you close to a certain sport later play it, if you love to dance after get some module or wack on a cd in your bedroom and tango around when no one is looking, play next to your friends (you do not need to enrol a sports club) or help out next to the house work. if you are active you perceive much better about yourself regardless of your size.

PS: Please do ot pinch to heart the ignorant responses of others on this site. No one have the right to tell you you are cooking oil, especially if they can not back it up beside helpful counsel.

Look after yourself!
omg I had a friend who be exactly like you! When she be 10 she was 5'3 too and 120 something pounds as very well. Now she's 14 and is only 5'4 and weigh around 115 to 120. So nooo you are not fat, some relatives mature hasty and weigh more than others, that's all. Soon everyone will be equal as you :)

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