Am other hungery?

ok i eat a big teatime and like an hour latter i get hungery again afterwards after i eat i achieve hungery again am not obese am about 10 pounds over solidity thats it

drink water to maintain feeling full
you enjoy to control yourself
dont do it b4 you regret
You should control over yourself
Call your doctor and have your blood sugar tested. There are lots of endocrine issues that could affect your hunger and how much you chomp through and whether or not you gain weight.

You don't nouns diabetic, but hypoglycemia should be checked, and also thyroid.
Eat good trait protein and in between munch through a fruit
If you're 10lbs overweight than that means you're consumption more than your body needs. Physically, you aren't hungry. A lot of it could be boredom. That's why most ethnic group eat a great deal at night, because they're bored. Try alternatives, i.e; replace fries near pretzels.
You also may be the type that doesn't thrive on big meals, but abundant little meals throughout the daylight. That's the way I am ... I find I hold more energy, discern less weighted down, and can try more foods and flavours within my day!

I'm sure you've hear it a MILLION times, but you've heard it a million times beacuse it works!

I stick to this and I'm 5' 8'' and 125lbs! Try not to guzzle man made things either ... in attendance is a LOT of sh*t in man made products you don't want within your body.
you just might enjoy hypoglycemia
you need to drink more river to curb your hunger... I'm the same track but I have a illustrious metabalism and go to the gym... Maybey your metabolism is large. you can have a glorious metabolism and be overweight. eat little meal throughout the day and verbs to exercise and your metabiolism will get really giant.
eat slowly, don't devour while watching tv because that tends to get you eat more since you are distracted.
trade name sure that you are eating fruits and vegetables that gross you feel full because of the fiber but don't own many calories.
also, exercise every morning!
Perhaps you are eating too much simple carbohydrates, especially sugar and sugared products.

The effect is the body's insulin stratum rising to meet the sugar within the blood. After the insulin's work is done, and it is fairly rushed, the body's insulin level drops again.

That's when the body feel hungry again.

Try changing your diet to one which is more complex carbohydrates, vegetables and lean protein. Add some exercise too.

I did it successfully and in a minute I am at 49kg/108lbs.


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