? Website you send a photo of how you are now and they send you one of how you would look if you lost weight?

I read somewhere about a website that you can send them a photo of how you look now and they send you a picture of how you would look if you lost some weight. Might be just the incentive I need to loose all the flab - anyone know what I'm talking about??

The only ones I know are Weight Watchers and Slimming World but you have to be a member to have your pictures posted, if you need some incentive to lose some weight have a nosey at www.slimmingworld.co.uk I've lost almost 3 stone since February, its dead easy to follow and you can eat tons too, there's a 7 day diet plan and recipes to help you on the way, put a picture of yourself as you are now on the fridge and every time your going to nibble something you shouldn't look at the picture, helped me, good luck.

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