Am I corpulent??

I feel so hefty : [[ Even my cousin and my sister calls me overweight and chubby and I hate it. I'm 5'7 and i weigh 124.. I own the lowest self esteem and a distorted self-image idk what to do. I also wear a size 6 jeans and i'm 13, 14 in 2 months. [which is huge compared to my friends and class mates]],, so i call for your opinion. I know it wont spawn me feel any better, my self symbol is already ruined but i wanna know IN YOUR OPINIONS if this is considered fat, or chubby or not. I be aware of so huge and gross when i look in the mirror.. :[[ gratitude

You are actually slim beside those numbers. Your BMI is at the low end of the safe and sound range - it's 19.4 (adult degree, which is appropriate for someone of your height). Check it out at You are tall for your age, but that's faultlessly OK. I once taught a girl who at the age of 12 be taller than me (I'm 5'8"), but she was a great kid and a terriffic volleyball player.

So, you are not at adjectives fat, chubby, chunky, porky, or any of those other adjectives. You are polite - don't change things. Are you physically stirring? Can you play volleyball or basketball, where your stage would bring an advantage to your squad? How about other sports similar to track and field? (If not, could you revise?) Accept yourself as OK - keep describing yourself that you're OK, and laugh rotten any negative comments something like your height. Don't consent to them be of any importance to you.
you nouns great, i hate those girls who appear like you can break them near your bare hand, your weight is of late fine :)
omg no you are definitely not corpulent honey. trust me on that one. just guzzle healthy foods and draw from some exercise and you'll feel angelic about yourself.
ur not hefty at all. ur too skinny at that
YOU ARE NOT FAT!! Maybe you are lately growing a little bit faster. Your high to! Maybe you will be a model some day. My best friend be just resembling you when she was 13!! we are 17 immediately and every one is in love next to her!! Don't worry girl. All the boy's will love you!
-PS: don't listen to them!!
ur skinny! i'm 5'6 and i weigh 140.. but its mostly surrounded by my boobs... 38C

dont worry your not solid!
yur definaltey NOT fat and u shouldnt permit those ppl bring u down like that. preserve ur head up girl
Your solidity seems fine, possibly even a little lower than weight, but you are at a upright point in my view. I suggest you work on getting your self esteem higher, surround yourself near good friends and individuals and such. Also you body will be fluxuating more and more at that/this point in your life span.
haha you sound extremely pretty to me and I am 13 also. But if it makes you perceive any better, you just necessitate to exercise about1-2 hours per day. close to play a sport that u enjoy or something similar to that. That will keep everything regulated and you will probably own fun too! btw do u have AIM?
PLease capture some self-esteem! You are wearing a 6 in jeans--thats not FAT!
I bet you look course better than your cousin and your sister. Thats why they pick on you, they are jealous!
So anything you do, don't let them know it get to you--they'll aggravate you forever.
And remember YOU ARE NOT FAT!
yes you are fat. I am not lieing if you own rolls on your stomatch your your portly try jenny craig
you have nil to worry just about. just shame your sister and cousin, they could just be green. You must not look down on yourself. But if you feel resembling you are chubby try going to the gym or getting some exercise at least four times a week, 20 minutes a daylight.
No way within heck are you fat! You are contained by great shape!

I am 14(15 in 7 days), 5'5", weigh 135, and wear a size 5 or 6. Even though within isn't too much of a difference, I would love to be at your weight.

I would in recent times smack my sister and cousin. They have NO right to christen you chubby and fat when you are contained by great shape.
Listen, all those girls are aphorism you are not fat because they know you wont steal at hand men now and are trickin you. Id articulate eat one smaller number meal a daylight and maybe jus mayybe hit up the treadmill, it does wonders. Im 6 foot and simply weigh 125-u might wanna work on ur figure
can i see a pic of u?

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