14 year antediluvian wanting a six pack?

Hey i am a 14 year old boy and i really want a six pack. I enjoy gone through every stage of puberty and i just really want a six pack. i love running and i would really want a six pack by the brand new year. is this possible?? anyone with any advicxe please grant it to me as the internet dosn't give u any proper counsel. Thanx

First off, you are pretty young
to want to hold a "6-pack" abs.

Second, your muscles
are in their nouns stage.

In my youth (ulk... mid twenties)
I craved to have such six-packs
by doing lots of strenuous sit-ups.

I am very soon 55 years old
and hold started to run
(all of five months so far).

It is exciting to see that my legs
have become muscled and sinewy-like
and I hold naturally developed six-pack abs!
Besides that, my heart and lungs catch worked-out too.

All these from running on hills.
This form of resistance training equates to...
intensity over frequency, level over quantity.

If in that are no hills in close proximity you,
run up the stairs of a building.

Keep a log to check your progress.
Example: start on a non-stop 15 minutes.
Rest for a day or two. Then join 5 minutes.
Or whatever. Devise your own calendar.
Listen to what your body tells you.

Importantly... keep watch on what you eat.
Stay away from cola, hamburgers, hotdogs,
sauces, processed/junk/manufactured foods.
Gorge on inherent foods like fruits and vegetables.

After one month... you would be losing lubricant
(from the stomach section) and replacing this
is a firmer midsection muscle tone. Another month
and a "six-pack" abdominals are starting to be born.
ask an adult to buy u one.
Answer--> Exercise. Try jog 25 minutes everyday.

Also, those are the best:

-50 situps everyday
-25 push-ups everyday

Try doing 50 situps everyday, and change the number by tallying 5 everyday.

Good luck!
Leave the U.S. and go where on earth the drinking laws aren't indistinguishable. So go to Mexico or Europe and get hold of yourself a six pack.

That is an excellent website with heaps different exercises. I believe there are some articles on teen fitness. I hope that help.
You say "the internet dosn't tender u any proper advice", well, this is the Internet. What do you expect from us?
Umm if you are 14 I doubt you enjoy gone through all stages of puberty, at lowest possible not all the mental ones.

oh, that's right, puberty is directed towards the anatomycal change n.n

These answers confuse me, are you asking in the region of a beer six pack or an abdomen six pack?

if u r chitchat about a beer one freshly hit yourself against a wall and think around how you will ruin your life if you started drinking (assuming here is the possibility of falling into alcoholism). I just vote, why would people approaching to drink?

they may say it taste good, but..

beer give you bad breath, if you don't drink responsibly it cause you serious diseases, when you get drunk the worst of you comes out and you can do the worst of things, individual drunk causes you problems next to your parents and gives you a horrific headache next hours of daylight.

I simply don't see the point of drinking alcohol..u.u
beer is the drink of ignorance
u.u that is what i voice


if you be talking give or take a few an abdomen six pack (were I live we name it "cuadritos" ['coo-ah-dree-tos' little squares] or "estar calilla" ['ehs-tahr -cah-lee-yah' being strong]) haha what the hell near my spelling class, well a short time ago excercise, I might try doing what someone suggested here (the pushups and situps thingy), together with other things :]

ckoriginal930: within Mexico the drinking laws are like (except that adulthood is reach at 18, not 21), another thing is that some infantile smartasses want to start drinking just so they can quality older, posers.
you want stronger abdominal muscles to get one. Do crunches, sit ups and push ups. Running is also a drastically keys elements. Loose cargo and gain muslce by working out. Go for weight training.

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