21 Best Answers and however not top ten answerers within category!!??

I wonder how does one get to be tabled as the top ten best answerers in category.

I own been voted best answers 21 times. There is someone who have best answers 19 listed as top ten.

No, don't be mistaken.. I am NOT asking to be programmed. It is not important to me that I am not programmed. But I am just curious.

It's not give or take a few how many best answers you return with in alike category but how many question you answer...Answer more and more questions and later you'll probably become a top contributor in no time!
Maybe you can try to 'refresh' the page?
21best answers on matching category ?

no? then you are purely a contributor to general. Try to obtain best on same category, say Beauty, you might be surprise to see your label soon in the top.
i enjoy no best answers so I really dont know, however I would like to construe it will get done sooner or then

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