"My Alli" diet pills. Crush them?

Does anyone know if the My Alli diet pills are still effective when crushed/chewed? Are they surrounded by capsules or crushable pills?

Please single applicable answers. No lectures on diet pills, healthy diets, exercise, (i'm not in fact the person who is going to be taking these pills as i'm not overweight...).

Thank you!

Great ask! Alli's sure generating a great deal of talk! There's some upright information below on this hot diet aid:


And you might want to check-out this discussion board on iVillage where there's tons of information and support on this topic:

Like adjectives pills, as long as they are ingested they still work. Just make sure you pilfer the right amount, meaning, don't donate some crushed up parts lying in your bowl (if you put it contained by your food) or if you put it in your hose down rinse the inside and drink that water as very well.

I wish you the best of luck!
do they work?? really? curious, dont they basically excrete the fat from your system?(im a nurse these are brand new to me) they dont rev you up.so y chew or crush? its not like phen-fen. i can solitary imagine more cramps than usual???(because of the laxitive effect) hey im adjectives about ways to lose consignment but crappn all daytime? not my thing
They will be particularly nasty if chewed, and you should not crush any gel capsule, including xenical (myalli).
They are effective contained by your head, not upon your shipment.
So they are as much effective if you spit them out, than if you chew or crush them.

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