A Diet, for loosing minimum 15 pounds.?

I need minister to. I need to loose at least possible 15 pounds, but I just requirement a list of foods I should put away. I do excersise, but I cant loose weight that brisk, I also need a diet. I basically need a roll of foods that I can eat. I will put adjectives of them together so if every one would just supply me about 3 or four that would be GREAT! Thanks for adjectives your help!

to lose solidity (fat) you have to drink small meals every 2-3 hours (thats 5-6 small meal a day)- this way your body get energy when it wishes it and not have any extra moved out to store in butter reserves. and never go below 1200cal/day because thats how much you would want if you were within coma.
healthy foods: ancient fashioned oatmeal, whole wheat bread, pita, wraps, brown and abandoned rice, whole wheat pasta, egg whites, lean meat, fish, legumes, all fruit, adjectives veggies (peas, potatoes and corn is not in this category), nuts, seed, dried fruit, avocados, nut butters, rice cakes, soy crisps, Kashi cereal, milk products like yogurts, cottage cheese and milk, soy products resembling soy milk and tofu.
first of all, cut your feast intake by 1/2.. only guzzle 1/2 of what u would normally get through!

1. grapes (clean out your body)
2. white meat chicken (baked)
3. any type of green vegetable- spinach is best
4. oatmeal and eggs
5. apples, bananas, you know... the fruits! lol

try to avoid fried foods, alot of sugar, really greasy foods, and alot of breaded foods

good luck ;)
if you practice portion control and drink healthy you can put away anything

less carbs and more protein will lend a hand
An interesting fact is calorie intake. Lower it completely. Fats are better than calories. Fresh fruit, egg whites and lean meat. Celery, carrot sticks.

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