Abs serve...//ab lounge?

Im 14 and in athletics at arts school this last fall down they had us do like mad of crunches. I had a belly at the outset, but now its curious. the crunches have flattened the top third(ish) bit of my abs, but the bottom 2/3rds is still "round".
any specific exercises that mainly work the lower abs?

ive also be looking into the ab lounge. ive been reading the feedback here and it seem to be very extreme answers "it rocks!" or "its horrible!!'
opinion? worth money?
if so--
# of sets?
sets of ___?
how often a week?
when do results show?


It is ONLY worth the money if it is the only style to get you to work on your abs! Otherwise, release your cash. Women own a very difficult time next to the lower abs due to the way we store hefty and our harmones. Try ab exercises that encourage you to verbs your pelvis and your rib cage together to engross a fuller range of motion and muscle - serious crunch while pulling bent legs in at one and the same time. Pilates is fantastic for fully engaging your abs and your core! Also, if you are workig your abs intricate, be sure to work your back as resourcefully or you will have muscle inequity that can lead to injury, spinal column pain, etc. Cheers...
PS - Hubby bought an Ab Lounge and using the exercise bubble or doing pilates is WAY more challenging than that!
the Ab lounge is great looking after - not start up, to help near lower abs try hanging leg raise, or lie on your rear legs place your hands beneath you butt and keep legs together and rotate them contained by a large circle for 1 min afterwards go converse direction for another minute. then while still on your vertebrae have someone stand over you, hold their ankles and raise your legs together up to them and have them push them down, don't permit them hit the ground, have them push contained by all directions - furnish 1 week of this and you will start noticing lower abs at full tilt. good luck
Just preserve doing crunches and leg lifts DO NOT obtain an ab lounge it is a waste of money I did it 4 6 months and I saw NO results!

Hope this help!

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