Alli Diet Pill?

Does it work, if so how? :o)

2 words..Anal Leakage.

Yep thats right you will experience anal leakage if you shift over the fat grams that the pill allows. I dont know around you but I'd rather lose immensity the healthy non-pill path than to deal beside that.
I've been on it for in the region of 2 weeks.. havent gain any weight but havent really lost any any =(

You never know though till you actually try it yourself, goodluck
in good health it doesnt look like u requirement to even lose weight but my gf's mom lost resembling 50 lbs using venom, it didnt hold long either
If riotous bowel movements, with a possibility of literally crapping your pants(the website suggests taking an extra twosome of pants to work) doesn't bother you, next I don't think it would be much of an issue.

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