Alli-takers: If I guzzle 45 grams of rotund contained by one sitting, will I hold an "Alli-oops"?

Even if I don't eat any more hefty the rest of the day?

that was a angelic laugh..i be thinking about the diet drug but i give attention to that ship has sail and i'll do it the old fashioned passageway.
I wouldn't take my likelihood. Ewww.
Uh, yeah, because it is hitting your system at once.
yes ive had an alli-oops. how embarassing.
i read that your not supposed to own more than 25 grams in the unharmed day. but i dont transport alli. i also read that with the money relatives spend on it, they could just buy in good health food.
Ummm...yes. Plan on staying very close to home.
yes, you are doing it within one sitting!

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