4-pac or 6-pac?

how do i get any a 4-pac or a 6-pac?

will many crunches or sit-ups a light of day do it?


Work out
go to the store lol lol lol
2pac 4ever
i dont know, basically please not 2pac
yes that will do it but u need to own the right diet too.
4 pac..you need consignment resistance.. I did mine on a blowflex
Need to get your body excess weight below 10% or so to even see it. That is the hard module :)
no. u need to loose any counterbalance covering ur muscles
then do some cardio respectively day
after work with weights and ab related excersises likek crunches
but crunches alone WONT do it. and dont expect instant 6 pack. couple cruches with other ab excerises and some c ardio and offer it some time (work on it for like a few weeks) and u should deff. seee some resultsss =)
4-6packs and your lazyboy bench reclined hindmost,put the coaster on the foot rest and count how many drinks it take to finish one then make a payment em up!lol!
You need to run which will attain your fat even down. I doesn't help at adjectives to do sit ups unless you lessen your fat. You can own the strongest abs in the world and not own a six pack showing just because there's too much solid. You should also do sit ups. Trying doing them with a 25 lb substance on your chest.

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