55 pounds to lose - Need support on why I am not losing counterweight?

I am 1 month postpartum. Was on bedrest for 2 months. Pre-pregnancy weight be 135. I am now 190.

I am not breast feed so I am choosing a lower carb diet that consists of steel cut oatmeal, blueberries, almonds, cottage cheese, spinach salads, low fat cheese, chicken and controlled amounts of complex carbs such as brown rice and whole wheat bread. I enjoy cut out sugar and all white flour. Total calories are 1200-1500 per year

Exercise consists of walking/jogging in 2 min intervals for 30 minutes 5x a morning using walk away the pounds put your foot and jog video. Also, in recent times started Kathy Smith's lift weights to lose cargo 3x a week.

Been doing this for 3 weeks but have not lost even a pound.

Because I am so overweight I thought the pounds would thaw out off within the first couple of weeks and then slow down.

I am already getting discouraged - Any suggestions?

Are you losing inches? and using like scale?

I'm within nearly the same boat (started at 194, also aiming for 135). I'm losing roughly speaking 1/2 lb per day right immediately, lost 10 so far.

My plan -

- Eat every 2-3 hours (about 1200-1300 calories per day)

- Basic veggies are free, eat as oodles as you want (not corn or potatoes)

- No more than 30 good carbs per dinnertime and half as frequent lean protein (i.e. 30 carbs / 15 protein or 20 carbs / 10 protein) The trainer told me that your body can only process 30 carbs within a 2-3 hour period, and anything over that, go into storage (fat)

- Include good grease in every banquet (olive oil, pb)

- Tons of wet (minimum 80 oz per day)

- Treadmill 5 days/week 30-60 minutes depending on how much time I have (I budge in the am so nought can get within the way)

- Light weights every other day

The one entry I wasn't prepared for, is how great I feel. My skin is well again, I have more sparkle and I sleep better.

Also, take your measurements. I lost alot surrounded by inches first, then the lbs come off.

Balance bar are a great snack. 22 carbs to 15 protein. The best ones are the Peanut Butter, Cookie Dough and Mocha chip.

Also, if you check the carbs/protein counts in your foods you will find an incredible gamut depending on what you pick.

Hang in in attendance!
You know you can do it.
Read tips & Articles on different types of Diets, Exercise Programs, Yoga,Pilate's & much more.

All about Weight Loss, Weight Watchers, Tea Diets, natural Home Exercises to name a few
okay when you go on a diet....similar to that you need to lurk at LEAST 6 weeks before weigh yourself or you will get discouraged soooooo preserve it up and wait and see what happen six weeks from now wiegh yourself if you dont see any tuning then acquire a personal trainer or ask your doctor
Awww dont get discouraged you will start to thought soon .. try to stop thinking about it .. your probably starting to stress out over it and some peopel gain consignment when they stress , so stop stressing and have principle that what you are doing is good and hearty and you will loose wieght soon :) Good luck ...
Breast feeding is right for you and baby. See site below to see how meat and dairy make you fat unless you buy the natural kind.

Also adjectives calories is bad and Harvard U and gov pyramid websites say-so not to do it. Instead eat differently. Stuff your obverse full of healthy carbs and fat which helps you burn chubby.

Someone who says that carbs and fat are bad for you is approaching someone saying that black culture are bad ethnic group and white people are doomed to failure people.
hi Sarah. I go for years trying to lose weight and gain instead. I discovered there be two reasons for this. The first aim was i be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, so insulin resistance be a problem. You are eating clean, so it doesn't sound similar to that is the travel case for you, but i'd definitely check near a doctor to be sure. The second reason be at times i got no exercise at adjectives, and other times i exercised way more calories sour than i consumed. My body assumed i was adjectives, and my metabolism slowed way down. Now i am markedly careful to burn no more than 1000 calories more than i consume for that hours of daylight. I have amalgamated a group on the web call calorie-count.com, and i keep track of my calories consumed and calorites burned every daytime. I have lost nearly 60 lbs surrounded by the last year! The principal thing is to not "diet"...fairly, learn to drink healthy foods you can delight in for the rest of your life. Sounds similar to you are doing that already. It's more about a on form lifestyle and healthy choices. If i can do it, so can you! I be 308.8 lbs in July 2006.i am 250 lbs presently and still losing.
1) I Run 22 Miles A Week(Mon-Fri).But 4 Starters I Might Want To Recommend 2 Miles A Day.But I Do 4.4

2) I Do Crunches & Pushups.U Will See An Improvement In Your Chest & Arms

3) I Drink A Lot More Water.

4) Now I Can See My Abs Coming In

5) If All That Doesn't Work Get "LL Cool J's Platinum Workout" Book.It's Very Recomendable If U stick To It.It's Sure To Work.It Includes Good Ways On How To Diet,Stay Motivated, & Bronze,Silver,Platinum, & Diamond Levels To Workouts On(Depending On what Type Of Shape Your In)
But If U Stick To My Plan That's Also Sure To Work

6)Also U Shouldn't eat Anything Fried,With Sugar Or Red Meat(Such As Cheeseburgers/Beef Or Steak

7)Now If Your Going 2 Do It.It'll Work So Be Easy & Stay Motivated

& muscle weigh more than fat after if u gain weight it might be muscle

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