Am I grease...?

I'm a guy.
I'm thirteen years old.
I weigh 140 lbs.
I'm something like 5 foot 6 to 8 inches?
Am I fat?

It depends on what you look approaching. What is your waist, hip, arm, and thigh measurement?

According to guaranteed charts, the numbers you mentioned indicates that you are overweight (but not necessarily fat). Consider this:

One of my male patients (15 yrs old) weigh 180lbs and is 5'7''. According to the charts, he's mildly obese. What do you think he looks similar to?

He's actually a unbelievably muscular kid. His biceps are bigger than my calves and I'm a 26 year old womanly! He doesn't look fat at adjectives. Actually, all of the counterweight is in the muscle tissue.

So, you're overweight, but are you "FAT"? Check online for different ways of measure your BODY FAT PERCENTAGE. They'll place you in a category and this category will convey you whether you have more (or less) butter than average guys your age.

For the time being, start drinking tons of wet or juice and skip rope (start at 300 jumps) everyday or enrol a rugby team. You'd formulate a good scrum partly.
im a guy 13 108lbs 5 foot 3 am i fat?
Ugh no. your high for your age not really but your average and 140 pounds is perfect or average at lowest possible
No, the average weight for 5'6 is 136-142, for 5'8 it's 140-148.
If you are worried roughly speaking your weight consequently why not do something about it. Eat in good health and go into the consignment room.
if u were a girl yes. but since ur a guy no ur not.
nope, you're accurate the way you are.
You don't nouns fat. Do you have a feeling fat? What size pant do you wear? Is the waist measurement bigger than the length? Are you wider than the ancestors around you? Do you feel honest?
no thats average
yah u r a lil overweight
No sweetie- your fine.
But in today's society you could stand to lose some overweight, but your average.
If you really want to know if you are fat, read this article nearly what is considered overweight

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