Am I disabled?

I have compulsive ingestion disorder. Does that make me disabled and butter or just heavy?

Not disabled, unless you are morbidly obese and the weight is affecting your gift to function.

Don't call yourself hefty. Instead of hating yourself, focus that dynamism on getting help. With psychological treatment, you can overcome the disease.

Check beside your insurance company. Most have a mental form benefit and will give you a index of providers in your nouns.
No it does not make you disabled. It only means you have need of help mentally. If you are solid and don't stop eating as much you will acquire fatter and put to much pressure on your lungs and heart please go and ask the doctor for oblige before it's to deferred to control.
if you are disabled, it would depend on if this hinders your competence to function regulatly as a human being...hold a undertaking, fave a famil, etc
hi it don't mean your stout or disabled,its a condition.maybe your gp can assistance if you feel you are .
not disabled budge see a dietician or your doctor try eating other lots of fruit and veg instead of chocolate biscuits and cakes if you give attention to you are fat try going to the gym and workout seize rid of that excess fat
i would converse to a slimming world rep you find the in washed out pages
No you are clearly not disabled, but I would say that you are person slightly insensitive to those who are.

Think about those who are not sufficiently expert to eat by themselves and rely on someone to nurture them; people who are blind and would do anything purely to see what food looks like; folks who are unable to exercise because they are paralysed or within a wheel stool.

I may be a bit harsh here, but excluding those who are obese due to medical problems i.e. they can't exercise, there is no such item as people person disabled just because they are plump. Everyone can lose weight if they put their mind to it, and although portliness is not yet a principal issue in the UK, it will be soon plenty, and the money earned by the British excise payer will go towards civilized for these people who will not stop intake. It's bad plenty that we pay for junkie's & alcoholics to live rent free surrounded by council accomodation, the last article we need is to be paying to nurture the nations obese population when we are also face with the struggle of feed our own families!

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