Am i overweight?

im 26, 4foot9 and 301 pounds i migh think im a lil cunky but would you say aloud im fat?

Hmm? 4 foot 9?
You are freaking OBESE!! You are going to die from man so fat!!!...

Go ahead and report me you asked the press and i gave my answer nearby is nothing wrong beside that!
chunky aint fat.

However you are probably rather on the overweight side of healthy.

Nothing to verbs about. If you are worried try intake a bit more healthy ?
Yes, for your largeness you weigh wayyyyy too much! you should be 100-110 pounds for your height.
I consider you may be unhealthy because one 4 foot 9, and 301 pounds sounds a little insecure. Should't you ask your doctor this question first?
I would certainly say that you are excess weight
Yes, with your rank and weight, you would be classified as obese by your doctor. I am sure that you probably own a BMI (body mass index) of greater then 35. Unfortunately, your consignment is putting a strain on the rest of your body and could lead to disorders such as hypertension and diabetes. I know that it is difficult to diet and exercise, but you should see your docotr to serve you set some reasonable goal and a plan for weight loss. If you are truly serious nearly losing and ready to commit, you may even be a entrant for surgery such as laparoscopic banding or gastric bypass. These are life shifting surgies that require a commitment and not an easy fix.
Hope this info help and good luck to you.
Don't you reflect on that's kind of stupid put somebody through the mill to be asking? You have can see yourself!
can you say-so obsessed?
You are too short for your counterweight. NFL linemen weigh 300, they are all 6"5.
uh huh sure ur 6'1' and 160lbs!!
lols JK u get me der 4 a sec
I was similar to how could she say that she's a lil' chunky anyways stay thriving and eat rite and I deliberate ur really tall!

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