Is this plenty exercise!1?

Ok do I have ample exercise each week?

Monday- P.E(1 hour)Dance 1 hour--sometimes cheerleading games or practice( nearly two hours)100 sit-ups

Tuesday-P.E. (1 hour)Cheerleading game or practice always(2 hours) 100 sit-ups

Wednesday- Pe (1 hour)Cheerleading practice( 2 hours) 100 sit-ups

Thursday-P.E (1 hour) Cheerleading activity or practice always(2 hours) 100 sit-ups

Friday-P.E (1 hour) Cheering at game( 2 hours) 100 sit-ups

Saturday- sometimes wrestling to cheer at if not i jog/ run
100 sit-ups


Answers:    Yes! Also rob breaks sometimes and drink lots of water. Thats really well-mannered that you push yourself that hard. Keep it up!

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