Is it my heart or my thyroid glands? Plz relief.?

I've been have slight discomfort in my chest for over a month presently. Just few days ago, I started twitching and had sore arms (more on the left) probably because I played too much tennis after not excersizing for more or less a month. I've always thought these be signs of a heart attack. However, the doctor I went to around 3 weeks ago told me it was costo chondritis and that I didn't inevitability to worry roughly it. I believe I have costo chondritis and another variety of disease which I believe has to do beside the thyroid glands. About 4 months ago, I went to another doctor and she said that I have something wrong with my thyroid gland. Can anyone report me what hyperthyroidism is and what happens if I own it? Will I die? Well, I am seeing a doctor tomorrow in something like 17 hours. Should I wait or should I wish emergency help purely in covering it is a heart attack? By the way, I'm 16 years older.

Hyperthyroidism is the overproduction of thyroid hormones. The pituitary gland controls the thyroid by secreting Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, or TSH. The adjectives test for thyroid problems is a blood question paper that checks TSH levels. If the TSH horizontal is too high, the pituitary gland is trying to gain the thyroid to make more hormones, so that would indicate an underactive thyroid. If the TSH level are too low, it indicates high thyroid hormone level, and the pituitary gland is trying to get the thyroid to slow down hormone production. Therefore, a simple blood check can determine if you have any of these problems.
Now some symptoms of hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid):

intolerance to heat
speedy heartbeat
high blood pressure
heart palpitations (feeling of pounding within the chest)
excessive sweating
increased appetite
weight loss
anxiety and depression,irritability
expansion of the gland in the d¨¦colletage (known as goiter)
hoarsness in severe cases
bulging eyes contained by severe cases.

There are more symptoms, and it is important to carry treated as soon as possible because excessive levels of thyroid hormones are precarious. This can cause cardiovascular (heart) complications if level are high plenty and are left untreated.
Some types of hyperthyroidism: thyrotoxicosis, Grave's Disease, thyroid storm (an emergency). Do any of these language sound adapted?
If you do indeed have thyroid problems, this is amazingly treatable. There are anti-thyroid hormone drugs on the market, and these make smaller the amount of hormones that the thyroid produces. Other treatments are radioactive iodine, which destroys thyroid cells so they cannot overproduce hormones. The long-suffering is placed on artificial thyroid hormones after this procedure is completed. Many people near thyroid problems live a normal life span. I am one of them, and used to have Grave's disease, and immediately I have an underactive thyroid. I enjoy been taking artifical hormones for years.
Symptoms of a heart attack: torment in chest radiating into the departed arm. Heart attack victims feel disoriented, repeatedly dizzy with trouble breathing, and discern pressure and pain within the chest, often on the moved out side. If you experience any of these symptoms, then you call for to seek emergency nurture.
It is terrible that you enjoy to deal next to this at only 16 years weak. Don't go through adjectives of this alone. Talk to your parents and family, and that will serve you ease your fears and anxiety. It is ok to perceive nervous just about doctors visits, and to discuss these fears.
Good luck at the doctor's appointment, and I desire you the best.
First where are your parents? If you are with the sole purpose 16 and trying to work all this out alone it must be unforgivable. Hyperactive thyroid is treatable but yes it can be dangerous. Think of your thyroid gland as your bodies thermometer. It regulates adjectives your other systems, heart beats, lungs, kidneys. I know someone who be overdosed on thyroid medication for low thyroid who spent a month in the hospital flopping adjectives over uncontrolibly... it is serious. If you are having chest pains other assume it is heart, and have it checked out. Remember it is appropriate news to walk to the ER and find out that it is anxiety attack rather than your heart. Waiting is the worst entity you can do.
hyperthyroidism means you own an overactive thyroid.It means that your revved up.The most adjectives type of hyperthyroidism is graves disease,but only your doctor can diagnose this.Since I enjoy transient bradycardia,and a mitral valve that occassionally starts going crazy.I be told that if I had chest pains that cause sweating,a sick stomach and lasted for a partially an hour or longer,then jump to an emergency room.In spite of what I just typed,please try to stay serene.I'm sure you'll make your appointment.

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