Abdominal dull pain and low order confusion?

I've had on and stale lower right abdominal pain for for a time over a week now. The misery is mild most of the time, but can be severe if I move or bend the wrong way. I've also get a low grade hallucination. I've ruled out constipation, an ovarian cyst and appendicitis. Does anyone have any model what it could be? What do kidney stones feel similar to?

I would go to the MD if it's over a week. it can be anything from a kidney stone to colitis, diverticulitis, or even merely a bug. better to be safe than sorry.
I would step and see your doctor.

You could have a kidney stone or a Urinary Tract Infection.

The misery of appendicitis also starts on the right.

This link might be of comfort to you


Good luck
Kidney stones generally produce a highly sharp pain and not necessarily a frenzy.
Why have you ruled out appendicitis? It sure sounds probable to me? Do you have spring back tenderness--that is, when you touch the area, when you consent to go it hurts a bit more than when you first pressed.
In any skin, perhaps see a doctor.
I wouldn't rule out appendicitis. I have those same symptoms before I have my appendix out. Get to the doctor because a low grade disorientation means near is an infection inside you somewhere and you may need antibiotics. I don't know why folks who are having medical issues choose to ask society on YA what to do instead of getting to a doctor ASAP.

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