Am I going to be OK?

Hi, I'm only 16 and I'm have palpitations... when I exercised today, I had close to 5 of those I felt contained by my throat!
Both of my parents have have periods contained by their life where on earth they had palpitations.. but they don't own heart problems.. I've only be sleeping 5 hours per day this week, everything else is ok because I am powerful!! But I don't want to die!! Please support me!!

I think you'll be ok because "POWERFUL" those don't die young
Talk to your doctor on your subsequent physical exam.
Only a doctor can answer your question accurately after he examines you.
Yep, looks approaching pretty much screwed. You'll be dead inwardly the month.
relax, your going to be fine, maybe its newly stress. Its normal to catch palpitations from time to time. I've actally had them former times week and I've been stressed so thats probubly why. See your doctor if your concerned. Its other worth getting it checked but I bet its nothing
By palpitations I assume you miserable your heart is racing resembling crazy or pounding crazy rythms. That can be normal at your age, and when exercising. Especially if your parents have them and it did not make them sick I wouldn't verbs about dying. Are you drinking too much sugary drinks or Red Bull type drinks? They can adjectives make your heart accomplishment crazy. Stick to juice, milk and sea man! Also, don't eat or drink anything next to much sugar in it such as rime cream or even juice after 6:00PM! That will relieve.
Are you taking any weight loss pills or punch drinks? These can contain alot of caffeine and other stimulants which may cause an increased heart rate and palpitations.
I enjoy them and I'm fine. But I am "NOT" a doctor. Go and check them out anyway just to formulate sure. The sooner the better. Talk to your parents about it.
Talk to your doctor! He/she will be capable of help! Also, I regard as you should sleep more!
You should not panic. Most heart palpitations truly come from stress.

Do you take any sort of dash drink?
Are you eating okay?
Any dietary pills?
Drugs, alcohol?

You are road too young to be have a heart problem.
It is most likely madness.
Do see your Dr. and have a ECG, etc., exam, a heart scan, and explain how you consistency.

If you have no anguish, where you can't if truth be told move, then you're fine.

It can be bitter reflux.

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