Is it commonplace to be within your 20's and win lots of little (almost approaching freckles) moles adjectives over my soulders nback

they are not raised or curiously shaped, but latly more and more are appearing.. i went from none to in the order of 20. i havent been out contained by the sun for pro-longed periods or anything.. im basically wondering if its normal?

Freckles are sun wreck. I have heaps on my fund because I have red hackle and fair skin. I you wear backless tops or low cut tops and don't wear sunscreen, that's satisfactory to get a freckle, doesn't situation how long your in the sun. If you are really concerned, win them checked.
some people go and get them younger than this. it depends on your genetic predisposition. make an appointment near a dermatologist and see the doctor annually.
its from earlyer on in natural life. they are starting to show now. brand sure you get them checkedddd

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