? On Anorexia Nervosa going downhill requirement relief but relatives think Im fine?

Im 5'4 & 94lbs. Ana has help me in coping but I cant hold on to ana but without her Im not going to stay alive. If I keep hold of her Im not going to be alive. I have tried to be contained by recovery but I spoilt & now I want her within my life. She keep me out of the hospital. Usually I have already be in this spring & summer but I havent I believe its because of going to ana. Anas the best coping skill even though its the most hurtful. I realize this doesnt take home any sense to a lot of nation but maybe someone on here will expect it does make sense & administer me advise. I cant afford to progress inpatient right now. My parents judge that Im at a healthy cargo even though they know how much I weigh. They dont see the sypmtoms I see and since mom is on a dieting she thinks that I should drink as much as she does which is actually smaller number than she does because she eats several times a light of day & I eat once a time.

I can't stress enough the seriousness of your condition. There are a few things you involve to do.
First of all, find the source of your anorexya. Not alone, unsurprisingly. Please, go to a psychologist, and work out the problem. He/She will assistance you regain confidence in yourself. This is probbably the most urgent entry to do right now. Trust me, going to a psychologist doesn't engender you mentally ill(i tell you this because i own met cases).
You talk in the region of your friend Ana. She could be also of great help.

Second, reach a deal seriously with your parents. explain to them what your problem is. It seem to me that your mother is obsessed also beside body weight. You want to tell her not to put you through this. She will twig that for now it would be better to sign out aside the diets, and eat regularly and contained by normal quantity, just to breed you do the same.

Third, but not of lower exigency, find friends that only resembling you for who you are and not for how you look. Trust me on this one.

And remember, your condition is very serious! PLEASE DO NOT DELAY TAKING ACTION! we're conversation life and destruction here!
wow, that is pretty darn skinny. it is passageway below average. i am 5'2 and i weigh about 98 pounds and i contemplate that's too skinny. i wish for the best for you..swing in nearby, you will find help.
if you own the insight to see that you have a problem, you hold the ability to wish help for it. Its not going to come from your nearest and dearest.
how to recognize anorexia:
-eating tiny portions, discard to eat and deny they are hungry
-show remarkable weight loss - as much as 15% or more of body weightiness - a large weigh loss contained by short time
-act hyperactive, depressed, moody or insecure
-have an intense fear of one fat
-see themselves as portly, wanting to lose more weight, even if they are tiny
-exercise excessively and compulsively
-suffer from constipation or irregular menstrual period
-develop fine, downy hair on their arms and facade
-complain of nausea or bloating after eating ordinary amounts of food
-binge-eat, then purge, probably by vomiting or using laxatives or diuretics
if you dont want to talk to your parents yak to school nurse or social workers, or telephone call help procession and ask what to do.
the best treatment combines medical, psychological and nutrition counseling.
when it comes to your mom- you have to devour freaquently and enough to lose portly otherwise all she will lose is gona be river weight and muscle and she will winding up up having greater body fat percentage.

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