i need some aid with ringworm. ive used adjectives the antifungal crap i can think of. shampoo, creams, sprays..ive antifugalled my house and pet, various many times. this purely keeps coming hindmost. im so tired of this. why does this keep coming spinal column? ive been to the docs frequent times also. they just tender us rx meds, an creams..so why wont this just budge away?

Main source of ringworm is from cats and dogs. Get rid of them-you'll be rid of the problem
My friend had ringworm. Don't touch the areas artificial as they are contagious and you might end up only getting it again and again. Cover as many conspicuous spots as possible beside band-aids (they have little round ones specifically for this illness). Wash your hand frequently.

hope this is helpful.
Clean your entire house and shampoo the pet near tea tree oil base products. Shampoo the pet, your carpet, your furniture and bed adjectives with tea tree grease products and use tea tree oil straight on your scalp and on any other places you enjoy it. Put a shower cap on your organizer for about 20 minutes next shampoo with a trea tree grease based shampoo. If you are smart you will receive rid of all your other cleaners and use with the sole purpose all innate tea tree oil base cleaners so you don't have to verbs about these kind of things.
That sounds pretty gross. If it keeps coming backbone, someone isn't doing what they should be to get rid of it.
1.apply cream made from neem leaves on the effect area.
2. wear green clothes.
3. apply some mustard grease on it half an hour since you take tub.
4. drink lot of water,put away salads.
With appropriate medical treatment, ringworm can be completely cured within a week.
More severe types of ringworm (ringworm of the scalp, tinea unguium) may require strong oral medication,
such as oral Lamisil or griseofulvin.

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