Hello!! my 2 1/2 year mature boy is allergic to the WHEAT!?

what cain the pasta or food i can give to him resembling suplement to wheat.because he loves pasta an pizza and is so sad to stop and possibly is something i can use in stade.Thank you!

It is call Celiac disease,go to revolutionhealth.com and use their search out engine to read about it!I hold this illness,they create rice pasta,rice crust to make your own pizza or Amy's sell a lot of gluten free food,I see he has allergies to wheat,rye,barley,and oats,,adjectives preservatives...1 in 133 Americans enjoy this illness,the pasta bite just approaching regular pasta,just everything is more expensive!Email if you own any questions!The diet will put together him health again,concrete at first,Wendys.com has a trial gluten free menu out!Wheat is used as a preservative so it is in can soup,just everything,you will enjoy to put him on a gluten free diet!
I wish I could answeryour grill, but I am hope maybe this alternative might work.

Can you impart your kid a shot so that he doesn;t have theallergic recoil?
Likely your son is allergic to gluten this is a component of wheat, rye, wheat, and barley. You son must avoid what he is allergic to for life. There are gluten and wheat free products on the souk like pizzas and adjectives sorts of foods because allergy is extremely common. There are also support groups that can comfort him and your family cope. sermon to your doctor, or do a search for one fundamental you.
Quite possibly your child might have celiac disease--the intestines cannot digest wheat products or anything that have gluten (oats, wheat, etc.) There are other types of flour that can be used which are easy to digest: such as rice flour, potato flour, corn flour. Of course, celiac disease is diagnosed merely by a doctor.
Go to a health food store and look for glutin free pasta.

Wheat allergies are thoroughly dangerous. They can front to nerve deface and other problems.
Oh dear, that's rough.

Try oat or rice flour. When I have oat bran and am making brownies, I substitute partly the flour with oat bran instead, and the brownies turn out great. Perhaps that will oblige you.

Good luck!

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