Allergic Reaction?

If you eat something and it make your throat, tongue, and you ears itch is it an alleric reaction..

that other happens to me whenever i devour apples, plums, and kiwi and pears (whenever it still have the skin on it)

Yes, this is an allergic criticism. It is called oral allergy syndrome. It cause people to enjoy itchy tingly mouths after eating secure fruits. Usually if the fruit is cooked, or in your luggage, if the skin is taken off it no longer cause an allergic reaction. It is usually related to have other allergies to pollen. Here are some websites that have some info on oral allergy syndrome.
I am allergic to cantaloupe, it make my throat and tongue very itchy and it take hours to go away. I used to be capable of eat it in need any problem. I can eat other melons, of late not cantaloupe. I would say that you are allergic to a specific entity in those types of fruit, or you could be have a reaction to any pesticides or other residue since you details that it is usually with the skin on. If you don't enjoy a problem with these fruits when the skin have been removed, I'd enunciate it's a reaction to pesticides or something else on the skin. You could also only just have a food sensitivity. Not as brutal as a full allergy. There are tests for allergies and separate test for sensitivities. You should talk to your doctor or nutritionist.
that what is sounds close to to me but to make sure i would run talk to your Dr.

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