A cure for athletes foot please?


Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection of the foot, and is called so as it is commonly see in the foot of athletes.

An anti-fungal cream should be applied twice daily for three to four weeks. The treatment should be continued at smallest a week after the disappearance of the rash. With proper treatment, it take around 3 weeks for a cure.

The feet must be kept dry. Wearing unscrew sandals or chappals helps keeping the skin dry. Cotton socks comfort by absorbing the sweat and must be changed frequently.

Avoid scratching as it solely serves to delay recuperative. Washing feet contained by warm hose down with vinegar is an outdated home-remedy.

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Try this link:

Lots of moral advice on it for you.
There is this powder that some company made it's call de'feet i think anyway it say that you won't have athletes foot after you use it. I hope that it works
Manuka Honey. Has anti-bacterial elements contained by it and can also cure other ailments, like spots etc.
I once suffered appallingly from Athletes Foot and tried everything to rid myself of it. I even steeped my feet surrounded by potassium permanganate, which turned my feet brown, and didn't work. (It be an old wives tale). I be finally prescribed `Daktarin` anti-fungal cream. It was wonderful, inwardly a month it had almost gone. You can buy it over the counter at your local pharmacy.
By the instrument there is no `cure` for Athletes Foot, once you own got it , the virus which cause it is there for honest.
Lamisil Once, get it from your chemist, follow the instructions and i PROMISE it will work. i have A/F for years and tried all the remedies but none worked until i tried this. I won't voice good luck cos i know it will work.
Daktarin or Canestan. Remember to hold treating the problem area for a week or so after the flare up and itching enjoy subsided to ensure proper treatment.
Daktarin worked for me.

It's a fungus, not a virus, and you *can* get rid of it. It take time and effort.

Don't forget the cream between your toes!
tea tree cream...and manuka honey..both great for athletes foot
Lots of well-mannered advice here, you should also avoid soap and talcum powder when wash your feet and dry them thoroughly, the fungus loves misty conditions.
Remember to use a separate towel otherwise the whole household will shut in it from you.
Tinea pedis (athlete's foot) is a dermatophyte infection of the feet. Athlete's foot infections band from mild to severe and may last a short or long time. They may continue or recur, but they generally respond resourcefully to treatment. Long-term medication and preventive measures may be needed.
Please see the web page for more details on Athlete's foot.
Lamisil - you can get Lamisil Once or regular Lamisil. thats what I recommend to my patients if they own a fungal infection.
However have a rushed word with the pharmacist - only just to be on the safe side. Never nick a diagnosis without self seen within person. could be something else!
Anti fungal powders.

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