Abnormal EKG?

I am 27 and I am taking Wellbutrin XL for depression and ADHD. I don't really think that Wellbutrin is the medication for me so the doctor thought that I should switch. Before putting me on a stimulant they said that I have to have my regular doctor do a EKG. When I picked up the results from my regular doctor's nurse she said that everything be fine and normal for a individual my age. Long story short, I am almost 100 pounds over weight and heart problems run contained by my family. I don't surface anything wrong with my heart, but today when I followed up next to the therapist she said that my results clearly said on the top of the graph that it be abnormal. I am confused. Any ideas/advice? My psychiatric therapist said she would not switch my medication until I got further information from my regular doctor.

It could connote so many things, I wouldn't gain in a hysterics just nonetheless but your therapist is right surrounded by being concerned. ADHD medication such as adderall are controlled stimulants and can damage the heart muscle, she is correct to be pro-active and own you checked out before she take any medication risks with you. There are so various factors that can incentive an EKG to show abnormalities and at hand is no way to really know until you hold a doctor or even better, a cardiologist look it over.
you will have to ask your doctor what the abnormality be...
Those readouts are from a computer and need to be read by a heart Dr. If you hold heart problems in your household, you should be seeing a heart Dr at least once every couple of years or so. Secondly, don't stress the nonstandard reading thing until your told by a HEART Dr. Those things are read by computers and something may read not article book to the computer but that does not mean in attendance is anything wrong. My EKG read abnormal due to low voltage. They other have and I am 40 years dated. I ask my heart Dr about it and he said it technique it does not pick up a strong signal but things are okay. He has look at my heart and yes I hold had some fluid and spigot problems but my heart is in a one condition in a minute. As for your depression, antidepressants are notorious for making us gain mass. Wellbutrin was one that did not come across to affect appetite. But if it is not working, be prepared for maybe some weight gain beside a new medication. Being overweight does stress your heart and puts you at risk for elevated blood pressure, insulin Resistance and diabetes. Might want to look into losing some weight. That have been certain to help depression and increase verve. And if you feel that diet and exercise are only not cutting it, look into that nouns band. I enjoy seen closely of people who hold had profusely of luck with it and it is reversible, unlike that other counterbalance loss surgery. Good luck
Competent Practitioners (MD's, PA's etc.) do not read the computer analysis of the ECG until they have certainly interprited the ECG first. The computer is wrong very regularly.

Get the MD to read the ECG. If you are worried see a cardiologist (they are the experts in ECG's).

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