Autism cure urgent please.?

I want to know about the best hospitals contained by mumbai or in india to cure autism a children's study problem. please give me details.

Answers:    There is no cure for autism.

I don't reflect on there is a "cure" for autism - it's part of the pack of a person's make-up a bit than a disease.

But there are a mixture of programmes and ways of teaching, assistance and support, which can help a human being with autism to run better in society, such as Applied Behavioural Analysis, which involves therapist working one-to-one in a structured channel to support the autistic child.

Loads of info on the web just about autism and aba. Don't know about India, but I ruminate a search including 'aba' and 'india' might be worth doing. Basic info roughly autism below.
There is no cure for autism, only treatments to alleviate further progression and psychiatric help to regain lost verbal and social skills.

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