Alcohol related?

As sad as this sounds it's true, my mother is a doomed to failure alcoholic and has be for years. She has turned into a hypocondriac and hasn't departed the house close to 2 years. She isn't healthy and she is complaining that she have bruises everywhere, besides the obvious person she may be bumping into things does anyone else know if this is a medical condition?? Thanks

It means that her liver is starting not to function okay. Liver failure. She wants to go to the doctor and win her blood taken, a liver function test. She wishes vitamins, and hydration, and to be somewhere safe where on earth she can't drink. They'll give her drug to calm her. Good luck. I know how tricky alcoholism is. Get her to the doc quick. This knit tells you for a moment bit about it. By the approach, she may not have cirrhosis, nonetheless, but bruising easily and afterwards taking forever for the bruises to heal is the starting of cirrhosis.
Im not sure that is to say what you have to ask a doctor around

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