Am I have Allergic hostile response to a bug bite? My foot is completely swollen, swelling up my undamaged ankle HELP!

Yesterday I got a bite. I believe it was ants! But it hurt! And itched for for a time while. I woke up this morning, and my foot was completely numb and swollen up to my ankle! and in a minute it's growing and tingling. Was it ants? Am I having a serious illurgic allergic reaction? What should I or could I do? It's making me crazy, my skin is crawling all over a moment ago thinking about it!! AAAAHH! UUUggggghhhh!

Other party answering is just in the region of right on. I would only tag on that it might be best to have someone drive you to ER or ride near you on bus or what ever.
But if you are having any other symptoms, especially difficulty breathing or swelling of your tong you should give the name 911 and tell them 1) your symptoms and 2) exactly where on earth you are. Road / street, address, where you are contained by the house, or your apartment number. and 3) if you can reach it, unlock your door so the responders can procure to you.
Head to urgent care or ER right immediately. MY only interrogate is why did you wait till in arrears at night to want help?? Get stale the computer and head to the hospital.
Whatever the origin for this, you need a doctor right away. You could enjoy MRSA, as that is one staff infection that merely sneaks into even the smallest cut or abrasion, and it is totally a serious problem. (MRSA could cause you to LOSE your foot!). If it is an allergic response, you could go into shock, and you entail to see a doctor, right away, for that, too! Do you live where in attendance are scorpions? Whatever the reason, your foot seem to be swelling with a poison, and you involve to have it see by a doctor RIGHT away! Don't wait until you can't even stride!
Get it checked you may need to acquire an antibiotic for that. It is not uncommon for your leg to swell if you are allergic-

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