A cross-question around cancer.?

My cousin is six and a half and she's be having some desperate stomach aches, and she have a bad cough. Can it be that she have cancer? or is it NOT possible, because the doctors still don't even know. Please answer we really need to know! Thank you for adjectives of those who answer this question.

Well the symptoms that you hold come up with does not really fit within that category and need to be investigated.
These symptoms could be because of upper respiratory tract infection and the abdominal cramp could be because of the associated mesentric adenitis, which is very adjectives in this age group.
the second possibility could be dudono-gastro-esophageal reflux, which is also adjectives at that age. It can also explain the cough.
To be a malignant disease it is unlikely.
But all this have to be investigated thoroughly.
It is highly unlikely that you cousin have cancer, although it is not impossible. It sounds like her parents enjoy sought out appropriate medical attention, so I don't think you should verbs. It is kind of you to be concerned.

Based on your description this could be anything from a viral weakness like the flu or mononucleosis, to asthma, GERD etc.
Cancer tend to be highly unusual contained by children that young, but is not impossible. Most potential she has some form of bacterial infection or virus. Though if her doctors are stumped after asking for a diagnosis on Yahoo will not tell you anything worthwhile since further diagnosis would require heaps more details. You will need to be merciful until the doctors can run some tests to determine what the effect of the problem is.
This is impossible for anyone here to answer because this child needs a clinical nouns. What I would recommend is to be persistent within getting a definitive diagnosis. Do not stop until you are completely satisfied.

From your description I don't infer this will turn out to be cancer, but just so you can read more, nearby is a childhood abdominal cancer called Neuroblastoma. It primarily occur in children lower than the age of ten.

American Cancer Society: Detailed Guide: Neuroblastoma

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